CEX.io supports Bitcoin Cash Fork

cex io bitcoin cash fork

Bitcoin Cash fork will be supported by the CEX.io exchange. Bitcoin Cash fork is scheduled for November 15, 2018. The BCH network is subject to regular upgrades for improved performance. This time, the team hasn’t found a consensus, so the chain might split, resulting in two separate coins – SV (satoshi vision) and ABC.

If the chain splits, BCH holders will be able to receive the new coin. So, if you have BCH and you want someone to take care of this Bitcoin Cash fork, CEX.io is a reliable website. Just signup on CEX.io website and deposit your BCH there before November 15th to be on the safe side.

This is because Bitcoin Cash deposits and withdrawals will be paused 3 hours before the scheduled fork and resumed 3 hours after it. This time is necessary to test the upgraded network and ensure the security of your funds.

So, if you’re planning to deposit Bitcoin Cash to CEX.IO, make sure you do so in advance.

Keep in mind that even after the fork, you will be able to claim Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV by downloading wallets from their official websites.