Bytecoin Roadmap for 2019 released, team still committed

Bytecoin has unveiled its roadmap for the year 2019. This is the updated roadmap and it has been introduced just after release of Bytecoin’s Amethyst v3.4.1. So what is in the store for Bytecoin users in the coming months? Let’s find out.

BCN Roadmap 2019

Amethst v3.4.1 – As expected, the first on the list the Amethyst v3.4.1 that brings a host of improvements. The major ones includes improved interaction between platform software and memory pool and elimination of lag times. Also, the computational load for the miners is decreased as well. This means more transactions can be mined.

Trezor and Ledger support – On 4th of April 2019, pull requests will be made to Ledger and Trezor software repos. This means Bytecoin users will be able to store BCN on both of these popular hardware wallets easily.

Hard fork – A mainnet hard fork is in tunnel that will refine the Bytecoin software even more. There is no concrete date but we do know that once 90% blocks are submitted, blockchain switch height will be automatically scheduled.

Miscellaneous updates – Sometime in summer, Bytecoin desktop app will be updated with a new look and increased functionality. Bytecoin Gateway project will also make its debut around that time. This project is all about expanding community.

Later in 2019, Bytecoin team will be releasing v3.6.0 that will introduce messaging functionality and ability to send hidden payments.

So, a lot of amazing things are in the tunnel for Bytecoin and with their new roadmap, the team will be providing its community with a dynamic and necessary product.