Bytecoin Roadmap for 2018 Updated, dates for Bytecoin Hard Fork and High Load Resistance revealed

Bytecoin team has churned out updated version of their development roadmap for 2018. The roadmap shows what else is in the tunnel for bytecoin users. There are five major goals for 2018 and out of those, two have been achieved – new API beta release and new API stable release.

bytecoin 2018 roadmap

There are three new checkpoints that Bytecoin’s development wants to achieve in 2018.

High load resistant release (July 23rd) – This is an internal guard mechanism that will allow Bytecoin’s blockchain to handle high load instances on the network without losing transactions which get displaced from pools. Wallet cache will be reworked as well to better blockchain scanning performance.

Public testnet release (August 17th) – This is where the developers will be deploying technological upgrades.

Hard fork (August 31st) – This will be the major release with valuable modifications. The main feature of this hard fork will be the ability to set dynamic transaction fees. This will allow miners to enjoy better rewards and prioritize one transaction over another depending on the fee that is paid by sender.

Keep in mind that this is the development roadmap and does not include other activities like promotion and marketing.