Bytecoin’s Latest Wallet Revolution – March 20th

bytecoin new api

Bytecoin, which is known as the fully-anonymous cryptocurrency which first implemented the CryptoNote protocol, is publishing a major software and wallet update. This update, learning the lessons from its recent beta release, has proven to solve Bytecoin’s most essential technical issues as well as improve both the stability of the system and its reliability.

Following the 2018 Bytecoin Roadmap, Tuesday March 20th is day that BCN users and crypto enthusiasts around the world will be able to experience the new software and wallet release. Below, readers will be able to see the specific technical details that discuss all of the improvements that will be implemented in the latest update.

  • Send Proofs
    • The Send Proof feature is one of the major highlights of the new update in that it make it possible or users to verify and prove that payments have been sent. Users will be able to verify the address and the amount of coins that have been sent to themselves or to other users.
    • While other cryptocoins allow this option, no other cryptonote privacy coins have included this feature in such a user friendly and easy to use way. Any users with Bytecoin’s desktop wallet will be able to utilize this after the update has been released.


  • Simplified API
    • The biggest thing holding Bytecoin back in the past has been the somewhat complicated cryptonote protocol that has made it difficult for Bytecoin to integrate with many merchant systems. The new update gets rid of this issue by simplifying the software involved in getting Bytecoin integrated.
    • In addition to this simplification the new API is much more stable making crashes or system errors much less prevalent than many other cryptocoins on the market.


  • LMDB (lighting member database)
    • We have changed the consensus of the downloading and storage of the blockchain. Using the LMDB software libraries gave us a reduction in the size of the blockchain, reducing its size by nearly double and speeding up the sync time 4 times quicker than the previous version.


  • Fraudulent activity prevention
    • The Bytecoin Team has also included a major update in fixing many vulnerabilities from the previous version of the software. This will help users feel more secure when using the Bytecoin wallet as they can be assured that their coins are safer than ever before.

To put everything mentioned above in basic terms, essentially this update is a much more improved version of the beta release. If users would like to see a full list of all the new updates coming to the new wallet, please check out our blog.

The Bytecoin Team continues to develop and expand its influence in 2018 with many essential software updates that will revolutionize the way anonymous transactions are conducted. In this way BCN will attract even more loyal users which will be able to utilize Bytecoin in more ways than previously possible. According to Bytecoin’s 2018 Roadmap this coin has been heavily involved in the Asian market in the 1st quarter of this year. Our team continues to grow and expand our influence among users in the Asian market which can be seen in all of the expanding asian networks.

Moving into the second quarter our team is focused on expanding Bytecoin’s influence in the Middle Eastern Market. This can be seen in the growing online communities we are developing and exchanges such as Turkey’s “VeBitcoin”. These events (including today’s release) are going to bring Bytecoin to new and greater heights for the 1st fully-anonymous cryptocurrency. Stay tuned in the future as we will continue our work to revolutionize the way anonymous transactions are conducted. Some of the greatest and biggest features are still yet to come!