BNB Beacon Chain to no longer support DEX feature

There are two BNB blockchains – smart chain and older chain called the beacon chain. The new update which happened on 2nd of September 2022 removed DEX feature from BNB beacon chain and thus, the biggest and most popular non-custodial wallet, Trust Wallet, has removed DEX page for the BNB beacon chain and its tokens.

bnb beacon chain

So, if you have tokens on BNB beacon chain and you would to continue using the DEX feature, make sure to send them back to Binance cryptocurrency exchange and change them for BSC20 smart chain tokens.

BNB beacon chain is now faster than ever with all the DEX features going towards the BNB smart chain. If you do not use DEX feature, nothing needs to be done from your side.

This upgrade happened at block height of 264,000,000 at 6AM UTC and Trust wallet has already removed the exchange tab for the beacon chain. Binance says this upgrade will bring improved security and governance to the table. This will also improve liquidity as it will move from beacon chain to smart chain after this upgrade.

BNB stored on beacon chain will retain same value as BNB stored on other blockchains.