Apple Pay adds support for Bitcoin payments

Apple Pay has added support for Bitcoin payments using BitPay. While many are not a fan of Bitpay, Apple approving Bitcoin in any form is neat. This is because Apple used to ban and remove bitcoin wallets years ago, so this shift is newsworthy.

apple pay bitcoin

We see this as a win for Apple approving Bitcoin payments. Apple running a bitcoin full-node with a dedicated BTC Pay Server would be amazing.

So why does BitPay have poor reputation? That is because it dumps your bitcoin for fiat.

BitPay already has support for Apple Pay and Samsung Pay that make sit convenient to use BitPay card in more place from day to day items to luxury purchases.

That said, most websites love incorporating BitPay Wallet app support as it allows users to buy goods and services using all top caps like bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, Ripple XRP and litecoin. So, it gives users an array of options to buy and store crypto and make online payments.

Recently, Bitpay added ability to buy gift cards using bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies.

BitPay also offers crypto debit card that allows users to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat so that they can spend it anywhere Mastercard is accepted, which means you can use it pretty much everywhere.