Vertpig Swap lets you swap between Vertcoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin

vertpig swap

Vertpig Swap has been announced by the Vertpig team. This means that you will be able to swap between supported coins at current market rate for just the trading fee. There is no additional commission involved and there are no network / mining fees. On top of all, there is no account required as well.

The trading fees is only 0.25 percent and there are no additional commission or fees. The Exchange Rate is locked in after the first confirmation on your deposit. Simply go to and start swapping now.

Right now, only Vertcoin, Bitcoin and Litecoin are being traded on Vertpig exchange and naturally, only those three coins are supported.

For those who do not know about Vertpig, it is a cryptocurrency exchange developed by Vertcoin enthusiasts who wanted to make an exchange dedicated to Vertcoin. You can trade Euros, Bitcoin and Litecoin against Vertcoin on the exchange with 0% markers fee.

They also have flat Euro pairing, that is, VTC/EUR and for this, the users need to complete a KYC process. If you just want to do trading on their exchange, you can do it with just an email address on their VTC/BTC and VTC/LTC markets.