VeChain partners with Anhui Tea Industry Association

vechain Anhui Tea Industry Association

VeChain has announced that they have partnered with Anhui Tea Industry Association. This company is located in Anhui, China which is a province with a population of 62 million and boasts estimated gross value of 7.1 billion dollars in tea trade.

How does this partnership benefits VeChain? Well, it connects Vechain with 670 enterprises and 174 business owners.

This should also be beneficial to VET token holders. Value comes from transaction volumes and it will benefit the token, but one needs these transactions to be hitting mainnet first and for VTHO to be burned in a big way. VeChain is stacking the use cases and they will bring a ton of transactions.

Most of the investors are very happy with their new partnership with Anhui Tea Industry Association.

Many investors do not understand that Vechain will differ from the rest of the coins for the value that their transactions will generate throughout the ecosystem.  Each Vet will become a generator of power where that vthor will have its price. Vet owners will have their power plant in an electrified world.  Most of the rest of the coins will go to the rhythm of the speculative whim of the moment.

We got your back, Sunny. Appreciate all the work. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. You will bounce back like never before, I am sure of that.