Status version 1.7 brings iOS notifications, mentions, local nicknames and more

Status team has churned out v1.7 if their iOS app that brings iOS notifications, mentions, local nicknames and more. All of these new features will make Status easier and more enjoyable to use.

status 1.7

Some new tokens have also been added. This includes UNI token, COMP, BAL, AKRO, OXT, and aUSDC. Updated versions of both iOS and Android versions are now downloadable. If you sideload apps on your Android, you can download APK from here.

Here is list of features added in v1.7 release.

(Remote) Notifications on iOS
Mentions (Beta)
Local nicknames
Wallet address selection (favorites, contacts, recent)
Private group chat invite links
Warning when attempting to send a transaction to a contract
New tokens: UNI, COMP, BAL, AKRO, OXT, aUSDC
Collapse long messages for more readible threads

Here’s what has changed compared to previous versions

Removed the ability to enable using Whisper instead of Waku

Here’s what has been fixed.

Upgrade phishing detection library
Decimal rounding when using ‘Set max’
ENS resolving for IPNS names
SUPR support for old and new token contract