Trade UNI Token on with leverage cryptocurrency exchange has listed Uniswap’s UNI token and today, they have added UNI to their leverage trading platform as well. You can now trade UNI with leverage from 2x to 100x. This will allow you to make money even if the price is going down.

cex io uni token

For instance, if you think price of UNI token will go down, you can open a short leverage position on and you can make money. Supported trading pairs are UNI / USD, UNI / USDT and UNI / ETH.

Leveraging UNI token will allow you to hedge your crypto holdings in a capital efficient way. lets you open UNI token positions and keep it open as long as you wish at a lower cost. They have recently slashed the rollover fee from 0.03% to only 0.01% per 4 hours.

Keep in mind that leverage trading is also an easy way to lose a lot of money very fast. This is because if the trade goes in opposite direction, then you can get liquidated and all of your position will now belong to the exchange. UNI token is getting a lot of hype right now so price can go in either directions very quickly.