Solana hack and Phantom wallet relation

Solana hack and Phantom wallet

A lot of users that used Phantom wallet or their Chrome extension suffered the most from the recent Solana hack. In this hack, millions of NFTs, Solana’s SOL coins, SPL tokens and stablecoins were stolen. A lot of users that lost wealth in this hack interacted with both mobile and desktop (chrome extension) variants of Phantom wallet.

This Solana hack clearly has to with Phantom deeplinks, a feature that was launched few months ago. One user lost whopping 40,000 dollars in USDC stablecoin. He used Phantom chrome extension most of the time. At times, he also used Math wallet’s chrome extension as-well-as the Android mobile application.

So what should you do to remain protected? Do not create a new wallet in the same extension on the same browser especially, that all falls under the same seed phrase. Instead, create a wallet using the SDK, or use a Ledger hardware wallet, do not just move funds between two wallets in the same extension and think you’re safe.

In this Solana hack, the attacked stole both native SOL token and SPL tokens like USDC. This is interestingly affecting cryptocurrency wallets that have been inactive for more than six months and this includes both Phantom and Slope wallet.