Signatum is privacy coin: Buy Signatum – Signatum Review

signatum review

Signatum takes you back to pre-ICO days when there used to be more ICO – only mining so nobody gets any kind of unfair advantage. It is a 100 percent GPU mining coin that is based on SkunkHash Raptor algorithm which is unique to Signatum. It is extremely privacy focused and you are reassured about its privacy features when you read its whitepaper, which is excellent for those who love mathematics too since it explains its algorithm in detail.

One can mine Signatum using their Nvidia or AMD graphics card. CPU mining support is also there but you won’t earn much. However, if you are not very fond of wasting electricity by mining day and night, you can simply buy it outright on a trading website.

Right now, Signatum can be bought using ethereum or bitcoin on which is definitely not the most popular trading websites. Rumor has it that the team behind Signatum is working hard in bringing their coin to bittrex and other popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

How to buy signatum

Get some bitcoins from coinbase.
Register on Transfer your bitcoins and go to this cryptopia page for making the purchase.

There is a limit to the number of SIGT coins out there – 137.5 million so if you buy it now and the price goes up in coming months, you can make decent profit. Being a privacy coin, it will be competing with the likes Monero and PivX both of which trade for $50 and $2 right now. Signatum, being a new coin, trades for $0.07 which makes it an excellent coin for investment.

There are wallets for windows, mac and Linux. Mobile wallets and web wallets are missing, so you will have to download the entire blockchain which is something that we do not recommend if you are impatient or on limited bandwidth.

Signatum definitely has bright future. With proper marketing, it can grow big in coming months.