OmiseGO eWallet released, hits v1.0.0 – white label eWallet development platform


OmiseGO has released public v1.0.0 of their eWallet. So why is this considered news? That is because it is a white label eWallet development platform that is meant to plug into the OMG network. This means that company “xyz” can use this to create an eWallet with their logo on it and have it easily integrated into a network with massive interoperability.

In other words, the OMG wallet is actually an open-source platform platform that allows any company anywhere to integrate into the OmiseGO payment Network allowing transactions to be processed on said Network.

The OmiseGO eWallet features a well-designed admin panel.

List, get, update accounts and their categories
List, get, create, update and mint tokens
List, get, create, update, delete exchange pairs
List and get provider wallets
Transfer tokens between wallet addresses
Exchange tokens between wallet addresses
List and get transactions
Create transaction requests
Consume transaction requests
Manage API and access keys
View wallet user details
Manage admin users

omisego ewallet admin panel

Admin API

Manage accounts and account categories
Manage tokens
Manage wallets
Manage exchange pairs
Manage transactions, including cross-token support
Manage transaction request and consumptions, including cross-token support
Manage wallet users
Manage admin users
Manage access keys & API keys
Manage client sessions
Manage current sessions

eWallet API

Retrieve current user information and their wallets
Create and view transactions
Create, view and consume transaction requests
Approve or reject transaction