OmiseGO ELEC airdrop details and how to claim it?

omisego elec airdrop

ELEC (Electrify Asia) is a utility token targeting the huge energy market in Asia. It will be using OMG wallet and Plasma network to deliver a scalable solution for maximizing returns for electricity producers whilst also saving customers money by ‘missing out the middle man’. Already has big partnerships including TEPCO (4th biggest global energy provider). Built on pre existing profitable business.

How to claim OmiseGO ELEC airdrop?

Just make sure you have OmiseGO in a wallet where you have access to your private key. If you have access to your private key, you will be able to claim it using Mycrypto or MyEtherWallet.

Around the time of the Electrify Asia video AMA, the estimation was 1 ELEC for every 10 OMG. So 1000 OMG will gain you 100 ELEC.

1.5% of the total supply of ELEC tokens (11,250,000) will be airdropped to OMG token holders, close to the end of August 2019.

Airdrop to OMG holders was devised with Jun who is an advisor to ELEC as well, the only entity is involved with outside of OmiseGO. ELEC will deliver significant volume on Plasma for staking so it is a win win situation that OMG and ELEC are working so collaboratively.

Like OmiseGO, ELEC is massively undervalued at the moment. I can see both tokens having superb quarter 4th with product launch for ELEC and potential Plasma release for OMG and maybe Cosmos (but may be more likely in first quarter).