Neodius is Neo cold / paper wallet monitor and toolbox


Neodius is a Neo paper / cold wallet monitor and toolbox for your iPhone. It is designed to help you claim the Gas generated by Neo stored in cold or paper wallet. Neodius app shows how much Gas you have and how much Gas you can claim with the Neo stored in wallet. The developer has implemented automatic conversion from Neo to fiat value plus a lot of other features.

Neodius is currently sent for approval and soon will be app store. But if you want to get it on your iPhone right now, you can compile it using Xcode and deploy using Apple ID. If you don’t have Mac / Xcode, wait for the app to make its debut on iOS’ app store.

Here are the features of the Neodius.

View your amount of NEO
view your GAS
View your unclaimed gas
View NEO value in BTC/ETH
View NEO value in fiat currencies
Automatic refreshing of your wallet. Fun for real-time stats
Securing Neodius with a passcode or TouchID
Quick address lookup
Quick transaction lookup
QRCode for your address.
Switch between MainNet and TestNet
Scanning QR-Codes to add a wallet
GAS Calculation from a wallet or a user decided amount