Ledger Nano S NEO update: Neo hardware wallet support

Ledger Nano S NEO

A developer on Neo’s reddit page has confirmed that he has started working in making Ledger Nano S work with Neo wallet. Hardware wallets are extremely popular among people who want maximum security for their crypto currencies. If you are planning to store a large amount of Neo, going for hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S is a wise investment.

However, porting the Nano wallet to Nano S can take a long time as their developer tools are not very user friendly. Its developer has promised in the reddit’s thread that it will be an open source project and would take 3-6 months. Infact, the entire project will be uploaded to GitHub soon so everyone can contribute their part. (update – GitHub link is now live)

Once the project is completed, it will be able to support NEO, GAS and other tokens that use NEO as their platform.

Right now to get it to work I need to use a command line build file that runs a python script inside of an ubuntu docker container, then another python script outside the docker container, to build and load it. That’s obviously way too complicated.

This is excellent news as NEO is not on Ledger Nano’s roadmap so there were no plans in the first place. The developer says that the hardest part was reading Ledger Nano’s documents and figuring out what is missing based on error messages.

Update – The developer has added roadmap:

1. UI Design and testing I’ll be making a mockup of the UI on the ledger, and I’d like to see people’s opinions on it. I don’t know how advanced we could get in such a small screen, but I’d at least like to test it out on an audience before coding it.
2. Integration with existing Wallets The hardware only does signing, it doesn’t connect to the NEO network or create transactions. I’ll be creating a basic GUI for testing, but I’m sure the community likes their own wallets better than anything I could make.
3. Customer Support I’m a one man show, and there are bound to be tons of questions from ‘you stole my NEO’ to ‘I need an opinion on a cryptocoin, what do you think of KIRBY?’ so I’ll need to be able to hand support off to the community at some point. 

neo ledger support

Update 10/25/17 – first screenshot of Neo in Ledger has been added. Once added, both Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue will be able to support Neo. The screenshot comes from this reddit post where the author says that Ledger is on the verge in making this news official. Coranos, a user has created a Neon wallet that works with Nano S. In fact it is already available on github.