Natrium available for iPhone and iPad–Best Nano wallet for iPhone

natrium iphone download

Natrium is an excellent mobile wallet for Nano and few days back, it made its debut on the iOS app store. This means that you will now be able to manage your Nano on the iPhone and iPad. The Natrium project was funded by the Nano Center.

Here is download link. The v1 of Natrium was Android only and it enjoyed overwhelmingly positive response. The one that has made its way to iOS app store is v2 and it is written from ground up using Flutter framework that allows developers to make use of same code for both Android and iOS platforms. It does all that while providing native performance.

The Natrium v2 adds support for multiple accounts so now, you can have many Nano accounts in single app. Upto 20 accounts can now be added and you can switch between them with only one tap.

The best part is that push notifications work for all 20 accounts. Tapping onto notification will automatically take you to account for which you received notification for.

There is support for themes in v2 release as well. There are clean white themes to pitch black themes that look great on OLED screens. There are some wacky themes as well.

Here is the change log of Natrium v2.

Receive NANO securely
View your entire transaction history
View transaction details using NanoCrawler
Share a personalized card with your QR code and address as a PNG image
Manage multiple accounts on a seed
Fully featured contacts/address book
Change your representative
Biometric authentication (FaceID+TouchID)
QR scanning
Deep link/URI support)
Paper wallet loader/Seed sweeper
Push notifications
30+ currency conversions, more than 20 languages supported