Download Natrium Nano wallet for iPhone and Android

Natrium is a Nano wallet for android and iPhone. So, while Nano has an official android wallet, this has more features. For instance, Natrium has PIN and fingerprint authentication and feature rich address book.


Simply type @ in the send address field to bring up an unobtrusive sorted search. Quick-add by clicking on a transaction or by adding them in the settings. It also has real-time push notifications when you receive NANO. Powered by Firebase cloud messaging, so users without google play services may not get this feature.

ยท It is totally possible to import existing wallet. Here are rest of its features:

– Send Nano instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world.
– Share your personal account address with a unique QR card.
– Change your wallet representative.
– View your account’s entire transaction history.
– Manage contacts in an intuitive easy-to-use address book
– Get real-time notifications when you receive NANO
– Support for over 18 different languages

Download link of Natrium for iPhone and Android:

Update – Natrium for iPhone is now available.


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