Monaize is ebanking platform for small businesses: Monaize ICO release date – MNZ Token

Monaize ICO is slated to take place on November 10th 2017. This will be the first ICO that will make use of Komodo platform which was in news recently for atomic swap using electrum servers. In Monaize ICO, you get MNZ tokens. The date of ICO was recently postponed so that the Komodo team could properly test the Monaize dICO application to ensure it is able to run variety of stress tests that take time to perform and debug. This will also give time to Monaize team to properly familiarize themselves with Komodo’s new exchange BarterDEX, atomic swaps and SPV wallet.

For those who are unfamiliar with Monaize, it is an ebanking platform for small businesses. It is 100 percent mobile friendly and touted as alternative solution to traditional banking system. So Monaize gives you current account for your business that can be managed from using a mobile application.

Monaize ico

To get started, download the free Monaize application from the iOS store or Google Playstore and you will be able to open your business account in just few minutes. The app is also home to 24/7 customer service.

Monaize gives you free payments, transfers and withdrawals in SEPA region. Find more information on