Lightning network deployed on Litecoin mainnet

Lightning network deployed on Litecoin mainnet

Charlie Lee, who is the founder of litecoin has announced on his twitter account that he is testing lightning network on the mainnet. Bitcoin has already locked in segwit. You can now expect announcement of atomic swaps between litecoin and bitcoin anytime soon. This pumped the litecoin’s value to $55 for few minutes but it later came to 50 dollar.

The market capital of bitcoin is 70 billion dollars and in comparison, litecoin’s market cap is mere 2.5 billion dollars which means there is plenty of room to grow for litecoin. We feel that the litecoin’s market cap will cross 25 billion next year. Also, the price of a crypto coin has nothing to do with value – look at the market caps for value.

Another reason why future is so bright for the litecoin is the fact it is fast and you have to much less in transaction fees. The average bitcoin transaction fee is now near 7 dollars. This is a good thing for litecoin.

As bitcoin’s fee continue to climb, people will start looking to transactions at lower fees. Its fees will make bitcoin les useable for transferring small sums of money.

Being the next-best alternative to bitcoin, popularity of litecoin will grow multifold.