Libertex contract trading website in litecoin and bitcoin launched

Libertex contract trading website in litecoin

A new contract trading website called Libertex has been launched with support for both bitcoin and litecoin. This allows one to stake on either buying or selling of the crypto currencies. Andew Nikolaev who is the business development manager of Libertex said,

Nowadays the interest in cryptocurrencies is very high, and the number of people intending to invest money into cryptocurrencies grows in geometric progression. Launch of the contracts for these instruments in Libertex will satisfy the demand from European traders.

Contracts for litecoin and bitcoin are available to the traders all seven days of the week. This allows one to trading whenever they want including both business days and weekends.

It is excellent seeing trading websites giving litecoin the respect it deserves. The recent surge in litecoin price to 50 dollars is obviously one of the reasons for this keen interest.

Contracts are different for Bitcoin and Litecoin, unlike physical buying of the crypto currencies, allow gaining profit not only from the assets appreciation but also from the assets depreciation. It makes the crypto currencies very attractive to traders.

Libertex is not a new name in crypto currency world. It already enjoys more than 2.2 million customers in Asia, South America and Europe. Back in 2016, the company got Forex Expo award for best trading platform.