Komodo Platform to secure Gleec coin network against 51-percent attack

Komodo Platform has announced that it will secure Gleec Coin network against 51-percent attacks. GLEEC will also be available for non-custodial atomic swap trading on AtomicDEX on October 29th 2020.

Gleec coin network

Gleec coin network is now making use of Komodo’s dPoW tech that is a security mechanism that basically recycles the hast rate of bitcoin network via a series of cross chain notarizations and this will now be used to secure the Gleec coin network to protect itself against 51 percent attacks.

Komodo will now store a blockhash from Gleec’s blockchain onto Komodo’s blockchain after every 10 minutes. After that, blockhash from Komodo chain will be save don BTC’s chain which will utimately provide security of bitcoin network.

As mentioned earlier, GLEEC coin will be available for trading on Komodo’s decentralized exchange, Atomic DEX on 29th October, which is 3 days from now. Like Uniswap, Atomic DEX is 100% decentralized and there are no limitations, KYC / AML or user registration. All transactions on Atomic DEX are done from wallet to wallet. This way, user is always in control of the coins stored on the wallet.