Julian Hosp trades customer funds, got liquidated

Julian Hosp, ex-president of TenX, a cryptocurrency card for spending crypto, has apparently got rekt by trading customer funds for his Lapis product.

Julian Hosp

According to cryptonator1337, on 23rd July 2020, Julian Hosp made a bet on a Ethereum that its price would not go above 280 dollars.

Julian is filling those batches, with up to ~100 BTC, 5k ETH and trading with it. It appears that he likes risk. Julian promised his investors 6% per annum. It could be that he invests the majority somewhere else and gambles with the rest.

It could be that he invested a good part of it to Celsius network or something else.

One question would be: How much ETH got filled into this? With what was Julian Hosp trading? Two options:

1. Peanuts (just look at the hedges)
2. A lot, then the investors should think again about their investment

Cryptonator1337 has given Julian 72 hours for a public explanation of your smear campaign against Blocktrainer. He says if he does not excuse himself and stop this, he will do everything legally possible to take you down. Julian Hosp went for Blocktrainer because he raised his voice and said critical things.


Blocktrainer has posted a video on youtube about this. It is in German though.