Julian Hosp, president of TenX, steps down after pumping and dumping PAY tokens on its investors

TenX’s co-founder and president, Julian Hosp has announced on company’s YouTube channel that he is stepping down and quitting TenX. Touted as MLM pyramid scammer by many, Julian Hosp kept promising the investors of the cards, which never happened.

Interestingly, a month back, he announced about the airdrop where every PAY token holder will be airdropped new TENX tokens, which caused the price to pump two folds before dumping really hard.

It is indeed a shame how far TenX has fallen since 2017, both in terms of price and holding its promises – going from one of the few projects with a working product to whatever it is now.

Julian Hosp scam

TenX’s official twitter made this announcement,

2019 brings great opportunity for TenX. We are excited about the incredible potential that lies ahead. We are commited to ensuring that our vision and mission are seen through, as per plan. Kicking off this year, new agreements have been made with regard to our executive team.

As of today, Toby Hoenisch will be driving the business forward solely, while Julian Hosp will be leaving TenX. We have received a tremendous amount of shareholder value and support from youall under Julian’s leadership and want to thank him for paving the way towards further success for TenX in the years to come.

Update – It is being rumored that his resignation was all pre-planned. Julian dumped 2.2 million PAY tokens on December 30th 2018. There was a 200 btc sell candle on 30th December. Usually the volume was around 10 BTC. Coincidence? You decide.