How to take cryptocurrency loan using Anchor USD

anchor usd crypto currency loans

Anchor USD is an app for Stellar ecosystem and it offers many features including ability to trade, take flash loans and earn interest in case you want to profit without doing any trading.

But, did you know that you can take cryptocurrency loan using Anchor USD app? It is so simple and you do not even have to sell your crypto currency. Return the loan amount and get your cryptocurrency back. Here’s how Anchor USD works:

1) Choose an amount you are seeking for a loan.

2) Choose a LTV (loan to value) ratio. Available are 25%, 33%, 50%.

3) The collateral cryptocurrency amount that will be required to be held is calculated and shown to you.

4) Choose loan term. Currently available include 6 months, 1 year, 2-year and 3-year.

5) Interest rate is calculated and shown to you – lower LTV and longer loan term gets you the cheapest interest rate.

6) I believe the monthly payment due is interest only till the end of the loan term.

7) The payments I believe can be made via USDX or other crypto.

8) If interest payments or loan isn’t paid back, the collateral held is used to make up the difference.

Anchor USD provide the best APR & terms compared to any US bank. Check out for more information.

This service is currently available only in USA at time of this post, and we hope they expand it to other countries as well.