Nano trading ticker changed to XNO Ӿ

nano new ticker xno

Nano Foundation has announced that they have changed the trading ticker and symbol of Nano to XNO and Ӿ respectively. So why the change? Well, Nano Foundation wants Nano to be considered as supranational currency and one of the main requirements requires Nano’s ticker to begin with X.

The new Nano’s ticker is XNO and symbol is Ӿ – X with single stroke. They could have gone with ₦ but that is already reserved by Nigerian’s Naira. While other variations with N character were definitely possible, it would have caused a lot of confusion. So, the Nano Foundation went with X with single stroke – Ӿ.

So how to use the new symbol?

One way is to copy Ӿ and use it elsewhere. Alternatively, if you are looking for PNG/SVG images, you can visit and find all information related to new ticker and symbol.

Nano foundation has already informed all supported exchanges about the new ticker and symbol. Hopefully, rebranding will be completed in the next couple of weeks. They say this is one of may steps required for Nano to be recognized as global currency.