Guide: Understanding the Difference Between Crypto and NFT

Over the past couple of years, we have been able to read a lot about both NFTs and Crypto currencies. They have become very popular with many people wanting to get involved in these types of investments. However, they do share a lot of similarities which, therefore, can make it difficult to tell them apart. But even with many similarities they are completely different entities, and you can read more about how they are different in this article.


What Is an NFT?

You might wonder – What are NFTs and why are some of them worth millions? Well, NFT is short for “Non-Fungible Token” which is a digital asset. The idea behind NFTs is the fact that there is only one. Sure, you can find similar NFTs around, the one you have purchased in the only one.

There aren’t any other NFTs exactly like the one you’ve purchased, thus making the NFT unique. The price of an NFT differs, but it comes down to attention and popularity, so make sure to be aware of that.

An NFT can be anything you want it to be – from a painting, to a tweet or a picture. The possibilities are endless. This is something that has gotten a lot of attention as people do like the idea of purchasing something that is unique. Furthermore, NFT isn’t just another currency; it’s a digital asset that uses cryptography to secure safe transactions.

If you are interested in purchasing NFTs then you can easily look at to find the many different marketplaces for NFTs. There are many NFTs out there, so make sure to take a good, hard look before making the final purchase.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Moving right along we have cryptocurrencies, which are well-known and have been for quite some time now. Cryptocurrencies are a digital currency used as an alternative payment method. Crypto is often used when wanting to assure safe transactions. So, in other words – Cryptocurrency works both as a currency but also as an account system.

You may already be familiar with some of the many currencies out there such as Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum. Bitcoin, especially, is known to be one of most popular and most valuable as well. These Cryptocurrencies mentioned above are some of the more popular currencies, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more.

If you look up just how many currencies there are, you will be surprised. Cryptocurrencies are often invested in and can be very risky if they aren’t dealt with correctly.

So, What are The Differences and Similarities of Crypto and NFT?

Now that you have read a little bit about both Cryptocurrencies and NFTs, it’s easier to find the similarities and dissimilarities. Both are very popular, easily gathering the attention of the entire world. Both are sold online and use blockchain technology.

However, the list of differences is much broader, as they really aren’t that similar to begin with. NFTs are seen as digital art which can usually be paid for with Cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, NFTs can be exchanged or traded between owners, which isn’t something that can be done with Cryptocurrencies in the same way. The key difference, however, is the fact that NFTs are non-fungible while Cryptocurrencies are fungible. So, as you can tell there are quite a lot of different aspects to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Make sure that you know them well before getting involved with either one.