10 million dollar bitcoin price prediction if Bitcoin becomes world currency

bitcoin price prediction

Many say that Hal Finneys was Satoshi Nakamoto because just after performing first bitcoin transaction with himself / Satoshi, he wrote an email predicting bitcoin price that if bitcoin becomes world currency, its price will touch 10 million dollars. 

For this to happen, Bitcoin’s total market cap would range somewhere between 100 trillion and 300 trillion dollars. He mentioned back in 2009 that generating coins using computing power back then might be a wise choice.

By the way, today is Hal Finney’s 65th birthday. Many think he was Satoshi Nakamoto. Either him or Wei Dai, another developer he was working closely with. Hai is another legend in cryptocurrency space. 

Either way, Hal Finney was an important person as he was first person to receive bitcoin from Satoshi Nakamoto. Or may be he did this transaction from one wallet to another to see how it all goes. 

Interestingly, in the letter, Hal mentions that while bitcoin’s circulation is capped to 21 million coins, all the calculation done to predict bitcoin price was done with 20 million coins. This means Hal knew that Satoshi had lost access to 1million bitcoins that would never be spent. So, basically, 1 million bitcoins are burnt forever as this makes bitcoin even more scarce.