Sending Bitcoin Cash to Email Address is now possible

bitcoin cash email now allows you to send Bitcoin Cash to anyone’s email address. This means you will not need to know email address of the recipient – just go to and you will be able to send Bitcoin Cash to anyone around the world and they will be able to claim it later on.

How does this works?

Go to and click on Go button located under “Make New Gifts” > save your recovery seed > Click on next > confirm your recovery seed > enter number of recipients, select your local currency, set amount that you wish you to send; enter email address to receive notifications and set refund address in case the recipient does not claim the Bitcoin Cash sent before expiration rate.

Click on Go button > Click on Share button. Here you will get three options – select Email and enter email address of recipients and click on Send. That is it – you just sent Bitcoin Cash via email.  

This is great news for Bitcoin Cash and cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole as this will force other coin developers to create similar solutions. With this, we will not have to ask crypto address of recipient which would be a much needed change.