Founder of Compound Labs threatens to Doxx users if they do not return COMP

Robert Leshner, founder of Compound Labs is threatening users who have received unreal amount of COMP tokens due to a Compound protocol error, to return it Compound Timelock. He says users can keep 10% as white hat reward for being a nice person.

comp airdrop

Crypto twitter is not taking this tweet lightly as Robert is also warning users that he will doxx them to rest of world. This means, he is threatening to report people to the IRS where they pay taxes on a large amount or they return it and have to pay taxes anyway on a much smaller amount.

This is clearly the worst way to handle a hack or a protocol error. What if a user is not following all the drama and just deposited in your protocol to come back in a long time and received funds from a bug in the protocol, Compound Labs is going try to harm them by reporting them to IRS.

Some users have received million dollars world of COMP which they have gladly dumped on Uniswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. So, is it illegal to keep the free COMP? Well, technically it is not. COMP is a decentralized platform and protocol minted free COMP tokens to them unintentionally, which is why users are getting empty threats from Founder of Compound Labs.