Fantom Foundation bought BOO, BEETS, GEIST, MMY and EQUAL tokens

Earlier today, we saw Fantom Foundation using their official wallets to purchase tokens of several projects deployed on Fantom blockchain. This included 32000 BOO, 530,000 BEETS, 1,200,000 GEIST, 4800 MMY and 1900 EQUAL tokens. Most of them were then staked by the foundation, for instance they exchanged BOO for xBOO. 

Fantom Foundation

It is being said that they bought these tokens to show support for them and not for trading. 

Right now, xBoo is worth $44,600 and if you want to take a quick glance at the entire portfolio of Fantom Foundation, you can do so at this link

Interestingly, for some unknown reason, Fantom Foundation has not made any of the purchases public. Perhaps they want to buy more before making this news public. 

They did, however retweeted about the $480,000,000 grant program where Fantom Foundation promises to strengthen funding support for projects on their blockchain. Till March 31st 2022, the foundation had distributed around 35,000,000 dollars to FTM projects.  

According to its Gitcoin grants, they would be devising a method to fund in a mathematical optical, and democratic way. This will allow all FTM projects to have equal opportunity to gain community support.