Etherscan releases ETHProtect to protect users from scams

ethprotect etherscan

Etherscan is the most widely used blockchain explorer for Ethereum. Today, it has rolled out ETHProtect. It is integrated directly into Etherscan it lets you know in advance if an address is potentially ‘Tainted’ so that you can better protect yourself and avoid unexpected surprises.

Spammers, scammers and hackers will have their addresses tainted by the Etherscan team.

With ETHProtect, users will be able to identify tainted funds down to its origin.

Other than manually marking addresses as tainted, Etherscan team has also deployed something called Taint Inference Analysis Engine that makes use of machine learning to identify addresses related to phishing, hacks, scams, exploits and suspicious fraudulent activities.


For instance, Upbit hacker’s address on Etherscan is show with a warning that mentions “Warning! This address received funds from an address that is associated to Upbit’s Exchange Hack. Please exercise caution when interacting with this address.

etherscan ethprotect

If you click the Red Shield icon, you will be able to trace tainted funds down to its source as shown in image above. You can also see how much ethereum was transferred from one account to another.

You can report a phishing address via Etherscan’s contact form.