Verge GUI miner is here, start mining using own computer now

verge gui miner

You can now download Verge GUI miner that makes mining XVG as easy as 1-2-3. GridcoreGFX, an avid Verge coin supporter and developer, is the person behind this XVG miner. It has easy-to-use user interface and lets you select the algorithm you want. If you have no idea, just stick to defaults, enter your XVG address and you’re good to go. You are shown statistics in real time. For instance, you are shown your hash rate, good and bad shares.

Verge GUI miner offers easy usability, not that much setups and easy to understand miner overview. This makes it great for those who do not feel comfortable editing batch files in order to make the miner work – like in case of popular CUI miners like equihash (Groestlcoin miner, BTG gold miner), cryptonite and so on.

On the downside, Verge GUI miner offers Low customization – no threading option etc – sometime some lost of hashpower, not usable on servers. That said, the positives clearly outweigh the negatives as anyone with a powerful GPU can now miner Verge.

There’s no developer fee, just the usual pool fee and all algorithms are natively supported. It seems to be very stable even though it is still in beta.