Download Groestlcoin Miner: Groestlcoin Mining Calculator–How to mine GRS?

groestlcoin miner download nvidia amd

Groestlcoin (GRS) is an excellent cryptocurrency coin to mine. Using this Groestlcoin (GRS) mining calculator, we were able to 0.8-0.9GRS in 24 hours using the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU. This tutorial is for those who are not able to get official Groestlcoin Easy miner to work. This tutorial will help you to start mining by just editing the batch file. Just make sure your Anti Virus is off as they can lead to false alerts.

Download the miner from here. After unzipping it, you will find there are two folders – Nvidia and AMD. If you have an Nvidia GPU, open the Nvidia folder, and edit the runme file. Right click and choose edit. Swap the groestlcoin address with yours or simple double click it to see if everything is working alright. If you do not have a GRS address, you can generate one by using any of these Groestlcoin coin wallets.

If you have an AMD graphics card (like RX 470/570), open the AMD folder and edit the sgminer.bat file. Again, for that, right click on the sgminer.bat and edit. Change my GRS address to yours.

If you found this tutorial useful, feel free to send some GRS to my address FedqsEBg7tDrYX3JWL3zR2k3x49sPRm4sv or simply mine for few minutes. Here is a video that I made to help you. Hope you will find it useful.