Dash Electrum released, fixes many bugs

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Dash team has churned out Electrum which brings many fixes over the previous build. While there are no new features in this build, it is good to see a dedicated electrum version still being maintained by the Dash team.

Dash Electrum wallet release changelog:

* Trezor/KeepKey plugins: fix signing of CbTx outputs
* Disable PrivateSend and PrivateSend UI for HW wallets (unsupported),
* allow mixing amounts below keep amount, other PS fixses
* android receive screen: copy address instead Payment Request if
* amount is not set
* add PPA for Focal Fossa (Ubuntu 20.04), android arm64-v8a apk build
* update Tor Proxy in win builds to

Dash electrum wallet is a simple way to manage Dash coins. You do not need to download entire Dash blockchain to start sending and receiving funds.

Dash electrum wallet also has full support for Dash masternodes, InstantSend and PrivateSend. So, if you are looking to send or receive dash quickly on a desktop computer, Dash Electrum wallet is the way to go.

Dash Electrum is available for Windows 64-bit, 32-bit, MacOS and Linux. You can download it from downloads page on Dash.org.