Review: The Tokenized Assets Marketplace is The World’s First Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange!

The world of financial assets and the prospects they hold keeps developing every day, and with this development comes new opportunities. One of the greatest developments of the twenty-first (21st) century is the invention of the cryptocurrency form of assets. Cryptocurrency has grown to become a formidable force in the financial asset’s world; in less than twenty years of its inception.

The cryptocurrency invention came as a response to the challenges faced by other forms of securities, at a time when the global economy was in the face of a prospective shamble. Financial experts made the cryptocurrency form of financial assets to withstand the very factors that weaken other forms of financial assets, especially the fiat currency. Factors which depend on happenings around the world that affect and dwindle the value of money is one of the issues that the digital currency is expected to address. The virtual form of currency was made in such a way that it does not depend on the economy of any particular nation.

Investing in financial assets requires some level of knowledge of the technicalities of financial assets and securities available, most importantly, the dynamics of the financial market. This knowledge will help the investor or trader make properly guided decisions as regards:

● The kind of financial assets to invest in,

● The time that best suits investment,

● The investment risk factors that suit the investor’s financial goals,

● Assets that hold long-term prospective profits, and others.

There are tons of investment platforms in the market today, all of whom offer unique services to their different niche of clients. Deciding which investment firm best suits your financial goals is almost as hard as trading in the financial securities market itself.

As a trader in the financial market, you must ensure that your choice of a firm is reliable, responsible, responsive, and experienced. The choice of a firm and what the firm offers will determine to a great extent, the kind of trading experience that a trader or investor will have in the financial market. In addition, traders have to put into consideration the number and types of financial assets and products that are on offer from any exchange in the market. This will also determine the number of opportunities available to make huge profits in the market.

In this digital age, one of the important decisions of a trader is to invest or trade in cryptocurrency. The digital currency has been seen as the currency of the future, so why not start investing in the future now.

Perhaps, cryptocurrency securities are a field that stirs your trading interests; may be the best fit for you. Here is a review of the services and features of the award-winning exchange, to help you in making that informed and calculated decision.


Exchange Currency Com
Minimum deposit Minimum: 0.002 BTC, 0.1 ETH, 0.05 BCH or 0.2 LTC
Trading platform Web-based, Mobile application (iOS and Android)
Assets coverage Cryptocurrencies, Tokenized Indices, Tokenized Commodities, Tokenized Shares, and Tokenized stocks.
Deposits Bank transfer, Card deposit (VISA card, MasterCard), Crypto deposit
Education and Training The basics of trading, trading dictionary, courses, Bitcoin trading, trading guides, webinars,
Products Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), Pro exchange, Legal entities, Companies tokens
Locations Minsk; Belarus, Gibraltar; Gibraltar, London; UK
Language Options Ten (10)
Leverage 1:100
Withdrawal 1 – 3 days
Matching speed 50 million per second
Supported fiat currencies US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Russian Rubles, and Belarusian Rubles (BYN)
Mobile app Yes
Regulations Yes
Demo account Yes is a prominent investment firm known especially for its tokenized securities and exchange of assets. A section of the website states that the exchange unites the world of crypto and a traditional class of assets, whereby tokenized securities prove themselves as an effective solution to this claim. Their tokenized securities make it possible to convert various asset classes to their proportionate value in cryptocurrency. This makes trade possible with all these assets (tokenized) in the crypto market as well as the traditional securities trading in the market. This single unique feature of the investment platform makes complex trading fast and quite easy.

Their assets cover a range of cryptocurrency as well as traditional asset classes. Their assets span from some of the largest brands in the world – such as Apple, Amazon, etc. – to key commodities such as gold, natural gas, Oil, and others. The exchange aims to offer more than ten thousand (10,000) assets for its clients to trade on in the near future.

One of the greatest advantages of this innovative investment platform is the fact that once the investor has tokenized his/her assets, such a trader or investor can trade the assets in the cryptocurrency market without having to convert back into fiat currency.

Trading on the platform is also made available on a trending mobile application platform which makes trading on the go interactive, fast and easy. They have over one thousand, three hundred (1,300+) tokenized assets available presently, and they hope to take this figure to ten thousand (10,000) in the near future. In 2019, there were thirty-seven thousand (37,000) installations of their mobile applications.


Versatile Range Of Tokenized Assets

Tokenized assets availability on is one reason enough to make the firm the traders’ choice of an investment firm. Many investment platforms make it possible to trade, either in the traditional forms of currency or to buy crypto assets with their hard (traditional) currencies and trade in such assets.

Tokenized securities make it possible to convert hard currency and more into cryptocurrency and effect trade with them. For example, it is possible to trade with gold, or oil on the currency platform by converting the value of the asset to the proportionate cryptocurrency asset value and then trade. There are over one thousand (1,000) tokenized assets available on the currency platform presently, and they envision a future where this figure rises to ten thousand (10,000).

The wide range of tokenized assets available on the currency platform makes it possible to trade almost with anything of value on the currency platform because all it takes is to convert the asset into the proportionate cryptocurrency value. Then trade can progress.

This is one of the very cogent features one must watch out for in choosing an investment platform. An investment platform who has versatile broadband of securities trading options enhances the prospects of trading success. Thiscryptocurrencyexchange does not just have a versatile range of trade assets, it also has a versatile range of tokenized trading assets.

Trade Security and Regulations

The design of the currency platform was put in place by many years of trading experience in the assets trade market environment combined together, and one of the major concerns that require extensive attention in this market is that of trade security. The currency team has made some security provision that to a large extent makes trading on its platform safe.

The exchange has strong compliance with the AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) policies.

The AML policy prevents fraudsters from disguising, (under the false pretense of an investor) and infiltrating the investment platform to earn money as though they were in legitimate trade.

The KYC policy requires the investment market to verify and confirm the potential customers’ identity before allowing them to trade on their platform. This policy also keeps robots out of the firms trading platforms.

This platform, asides being strongly compliant with the AML and KYC policies, further strengthen their trading platforms using the following measures:

● A trading platform regulated by the Belarusian authorities,

● Auditing from a Big Four accountancy firm,

● A tried and tested scalable matching engine.

In the bid to ensure the safety of user accounts, also uses the best two-factor authentication in all aspects of its platform (login, funding, trading, and actions performed by API keys). There is also a provision for the eventuality that a user loses access to his/her account. This provision involves a master-key that the user of the account can use to regain control of the trading account. The exchange also uses a discrete system for secure document upload and verification (PGP/GPG). This system provides the highest level of global encryption that prevents any form of tampering with the user’s account.

To further strengthen the safety of user accounts on, the exchange encrypts the data of its users wherever possible,such that the information between the server and the client is replicated in real-time and backed up every day. The exchange firm has secured servers that work in a locked private cage in one of the world’s best professional data centers.

Their coin storage is an air gap cold wallet that is isolated from the outside world, and every wallet is encrypted to the highest degree.

With all these security provisions, Currency Com is no doubt one of the safest assets trading platforms available in the world.

Versatile Educational Resources

The Currency exchange platform according to their website makes complex trading fast and easy. This is not an automated fact; it is because the exchange has made a lot of educational materials available for the use of its clients.

Education is a key priority of the platform and this is seen in the wide range of channels by which it provides educational resources for the use of the clients of the company. There is a whole section of the website dedicated to educating investors and traders, irrespective of their trading experience. The resources available in this section touch on the simplest of details (such as definition of terms) to the complexities of the tokenized assets security trade market (such as trading bias, company profiles, trading guides et cetera).

Available in the learn to trade section of this exchange website are the following:

● The basics of trading,

● Trading dictionary,

● Courses,

● Webinars,

● Trading bias,

● People profiles,

● Company profiles,

● Trading guides,

● Bitcoin trading

This makes the currency platform accessible to both the amateurs as well as the veterans of the asset trading market; because of the versatile educational resources on the platform of the exchange – and these resources apply to all classes of investment levels.

The exchange has simplified the complexities of the assets trading markets in such a way that it would help each investor make a well-guided investment decision just from the educational resources that have been made available.

The exchange also provides market news that covers: markets, companies commodities, forex, and price predictions. All these provisions are to help clients make well informed and guided securities investment decisions, because as they say: ‘knowledge is power’.

Available on the currency platform as well is much up-to-date information and price predictions on tech, cryptocurrency, and trends that tell on the price of commodities and assets available in the market.

Award-winning Trading Platform

The platform has attracted global attention as a trusted name in the tokenized security assets market.

In 2018, was awarded as the most transparent service provider for Europe, and the most innovative exchange worldwide.

The excellence of standards with which the currency team operates its services is one major factor responsible for this award and recognition. With this exchange, a trader can be sure of dealing with an investment exchange whose standards extend the shores of even the European continent. This keeps up the standards on the currency platform, and you can rest assured that it is with the same standard they handle your investments.

The Currency Com team has also made trading possible on the web-based trading platform, as well as the mobile-based platform. This makes the platform very easy to reach, and trading is made possible on the go.

The mobile application was installed on about thirty-seven thousand (37,000) mobile devices in 2019.

Customer Service

The has a very effective customer service team that is responsive and well informed. The firm has made some provisions available on its website to help ease the trading experience of the clients of the company. These provisions include:

A live chat section on the website which enables a user of the platform to chat with the customer service representatives right there on the website,

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section that describes the questions from most frequent users of the platform and answers have been provided there. In this section, over a hundred and fifty (150) various questions are answered

Live chat facilities on Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and other chat software (five in all),

Email support, available from 6:00 – 23:00 GMT on business days.

All these provisions make the currency platform quite enjoyable and easy to navigate. In addition, clients of the company can get answer to any of their questions or query at any time of the day – 24 hours a day.

A Range Of Language Options

The currency platform has ten (10) language options, which include English and Russian languages, among others.

This makes trading possible for at least ten different language speaking regions of the world; one can be sure the currency platform is not an amateur to cover this broadband width.

The exchange has equally extended its services to other regions of the world with offices in London (UK), Gibraltar (Gibraltar) and Minsk (Belarus).


Investment like every decision in human life requires a very careful approach. The carefulness required in investment requires a great deal of discipline: discipline to subject oneself to education; discipline to understudy every investment platform available for the range of assets one intends to engage; discipline to follow the trends of happenings in the world and their effects on assets and securities.

Choosing an investment platform requires even more discipline as the wrong choice of an investment platform can become a financial nightmare for the investor. is one of the leading tokenized asset trading platforms in the world, as the firm has recorded a lot of trading successes on its platform. Thus, this exchange is unarguably one of the best legitimate ones available in the financial market.