Unilayer is existential threat to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges

unilayer review

Unilayer is an additional layer and trading platform that is built on top of Uniswap, a true decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Unilayer provides tools for pro-level trading while staying full decentralized. In other words, Unilayer is Uniswap with fiat on ramps and a solution built on top for quicker market access.

Just use a debit card or bank account directly into the UNI land. We see Unilayer becoming a serious threat to centralized exchanges that provide fiat on ramps. You need to get every advantage you can get when trading on uniswap. Unilayer offers all advantages of Uniswap and adds limit orders, portfolio tracking, charting and auto staking. This will be the next big thing for decentralized trading applications.

unilayer review

There are two modes – basic mode and pro mode. The basic mode Unilayer’s UI is very similar to Uniswap so if you have ever traded there, you will feel right at home. The pro mode is like a regular centralized exchange with order book, trade history, charts, limit orders and market orders.

The difference is that all trades are done directly from your wallet so you are always in control of your funds, something which are not in your control when you are trading on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange like Binance or Kraken. Unilayer is existential threat to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

To see Unilayer in action, visit unilayerdemo.com. It is currently in beta but the transactions are live, i.e, being done on Ethereum mainnet.