Crypto Bridge exchange shutting down

Crypto Bridge last day for withdrawals

Crypto Bridge, a popular decentralized exchange has announced that it will soon be shut down. Crypto Bridge runs on bitshares platform which is quite popular among decentralized exchanges. We think its downfall started the day it enforced KYC for doing withdrawals.

Crypto Bridge last day for withdrawals

All services and servers will cease to work after December 15 and deposits will be closed after December 3 23:59 GMT with withdrawals following after December 15 23:59 GMT.

In other words, you have very little time to get KYC done and get your funds out.

Also, it is a bad day for BTS token holders which was native token of Crypto Bridge.

This was also a preferred exchange for many projects that didn’t have enough funds for listing on a big exchange like binance and huobi.

Many saw it coming

Many users actually saw this coming the day they announced that they will need you to do KYC for withdrawals which was odd for a decentralized crypto currency exchange. Many decentralized exchanges like stellarport, Idex need KYC for certain withdrawals.

For instance, want to do BTC or ETH withdrawal on Stellarport? Guess you would have to undergo whole KYC process.