Cardano Summit 2020 to usher new era for Cardano Blockchain

Cardano Foundation along with IOHK and EMURGO have announced Cardano virtual summit where creators, visionaries, innovators and change makers will be taking about blockchain, decentralization and 3rd generation blockchain, Cardano.

Cardano Summit 2020

Just like last year, is one of the partners where we will be covering everything related to Cardano Summit 2020.

IOHK is one of biggest leaders and researcher in academic study of blockchain and this is one of those summits you would not want to miss. Registration is totally free at It will be starting on July 2nd 2020, so hurry up.

CEO of EMURGO, Ken Kodama will be speaking at the event as well. Ken is excited to talk about release of decentralization of phase of Cardano blockchain. EMURGO is an investment arm that is working to improve the entire Cardano ecosystem.

Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, Nathan Kaiser said that he is excited to engage with community at this summit where it will give them the opportunity to showcase Shelly capabilities.

And of course, CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson will be there as well, who said that this summit will be an important milestone for Cardano as they are on verge of rolling out Shelley update. This update wil being important features like staking and delegation of ADA to blockchain.