Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Iconomi, Triggers delisted by Binance

binance coins delisted

Binance team has decided to delist four coins, namely, Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Iconomi and Triggers. The coins will be removed from the cryptocurrency exchange on 12th October 2018. So, why the removal? Binance says following factors were taken while delisting them.

* Commitment of team to project
* Quality and level of development activity
* Network / smart contract stability
* Level of public communication and activity
* Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence
* Evidence of unethical / fraudulent conduct
* Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

Once again, here are the coins along with their tickers.

Bytecoin – BCN
ChatCoin – CHAT
Iconomi – ICN
Triggers – TRIG

After removal of the coin/token from Binance, you will be able to the withdrawal till 12th November 2018. So only a month till you are able to withdraw the coins. After that, the coins will be lost forever.

Binance says it will continue to conduct comprehensive and periodic reviews of the projects to make sure they main high standard of quality.

So, even in future, if a project is unable to meet their quality standard, it might be delisted from the cryptocurrency exchange.

Out of all these four coins, Bytecoin is most popular coin. Bytecoin Binance listing happened back in May this year. It has large userbase and highest marketcap.

Update by Bytecoin team on reddit.

We’d like to clarify the situation with Binance

We are in the process of active communication with the Binance representatives about the delisting situation.

Bytecoin should proceed its trading on Binance without any issues, and we are trying to come to an agreement as soon as possible.

For now any detailed communication with the Binance can’t be disclosed for privacy reasons.

We will keep you updated during the day. Thank you for your patience.