BtTycoon mining game uses BTT Token as currency


BtTycoon is a game that runs on the Tron network. Interestingly, the only currency that is used in circulation throughout the game is BitTorrent‘s BTT token. BTT runs on Tron blockchain.

BtTycoon is BTT‘s first decentralized blockchain game and it is a mining game. According to official tweet, the game will go live on April 9th 2020.

Here is the official description of the game (translated from Chinese by Google Translate).

BT Tycoon is the first development game based on the BitTorrent ecosystem. Players can experience an unprecedented growth experience, integrating entertainment, passion and wealth growth.

We have reviewed Bitcoin mining game called Blockchain Tycoon in past but it did not make use of a cryptocurrency. This one does which makes it so special and different.

Unfortunately, there are screenshots available so we have no idea how this games looks. We will update this article once more information becomes available by BtTycoon.