Blockstream Satellite 2.0 brings new transmission protocol, more bandwidth, a larger coverage area

Blockstream has churned out BlockstreamSatellite 2.0 that brings a new transmission protocol, more bandwidth, a larger coverage area, and the much requested ability to sync a Bitcoin node from the genesis block up to the latest block.

Blockstream Satellite 2.0

They have also announced pre orders for their brand-new Satellite Kits. So, keep an eye open on the BlockstreamStore for the Basic and Pro kits as well as the Flat Panel Antenna with an integrated LNB. Keep in mind that only Bitcoin currency is broadcasted over satellite. There is an up-rated lightning data API now though able to send up to 1MB messages up from previous 10kB messages.

It also works with USB SDR with a bit of CPU power. The pure software SDR version is now native optimized code from DVD-S2 FOSS code and so much faster than the previous system but much higher bandwidth too, so it needs to be.

At 1.6 bits per second, the historic download loops every 2-3 weeks. This can be faster if you have coverage from two satellites as they send independent FEC streams. It could go faster but it’s a tradeoff with minimum dish size – they aimed for 60cm, positioning accuracy, weather resilience at edge of coverage zone and cost.