Bithumb hacked, 3M EOS Wallet compromised among many others

Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked for the second time. At the time of this post, over 3 million EOS has been transferred out from its hot wallet. Stolen funds were sent to Huobi, HitBTC, WB, EXmo etc.

bithumb hacked

It’s said their private key was stolen on its EOS account – g4ydomrxhege. Hacker’s EOS account name is ifguz3chmamg which is where all EOS from the hot wallet was transferred.

Other than EOS, Ripple’s XRP wallet was also hacked. More than 20 million XRP tokens were taken account. Here is the hacker’s XRP wallet address – LaHMvsPnPbiNQSjAgY8Tf8953jxQo4vnu.

It’s the second major Bithumb hack so they literally learned NOTHING from last time. Also, why was this exchange keeping $15M in a single wallet?

Keep in mind that EOS won’t be able to freeze this time as it’s now too late. This is because hacker has been disposing the stolen EOS via ChangeNow, a non-custodial crypto swap platform does not require KYC / account.

From Bithumb’s wallet, g4ydomrxhege, 3,132,672 EOS has been transferred out to the hacker account in total of 16 transactions.

Remaining EOS balance in Bithumb has now been transferred out to cold wallet, bithumbshiny.

Interestingly, Bithumb took some time to announce about this. According to the exchange, it was hacked on March 29th 2019 at 10:15PM Korean time. You can read the complete statement here.