Bithumb lists TenX (PAY), WAX, POWR, Loopring(LRC), Gifto(GTO)

Bithumb tenx wax powr lrc gto

Bithumb, one of the biggest exchanges from South Korea has listed four new coins/tokens on their website. This includes TenX(PAY), WAX(WAX), Power Ledger(POWR), Loopring(LRC) and Gifto(GTO). Here is the link to the official tweet by BithumbOfficial. Bithumb is a huge market for all of these tokens/coins.

The trading is scheduled for May 16, 2018(Wed) evening (Deposit address and event open : Schedule at 3:30pm [KST]). This will definitely change the tone to those who are always showing negativism about these tokens, especially PAY.

This also implies that the new TenX’s token structure for PAY is in line with the regulations. Otherwise, Bithumb would not have listed PAY. This also means that the Kraken and Binance listing is also in the tunnel since by the looks of Bithumb listing, PAY is no longer a security.

All the newly listed coins got major pump with TenX getting the best of out of this. Power Ledger got 15 percent pump and then, it fell back to the original price. Power Ledger was also listed on Coinbat on May 11th, 2018 which could be the reason of the weak pump by Bithumb listing.