ZeroCT coming to NavCoin for enhanced privacy

NavCoin already offers some basic privacy but recently, a new request for Zerocoin support (ZeroCT) has been added as pull request on Github. To send a ZeroCT transaction, user will have to pay 1 NAV per transaction and it can also be spent in these denominations – 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000.

The team will be doing an AMA on February 12th 2019 at 7 PM GMT, so if you have any questions about ZeroCT implementation on NavCoin, feel free to chime in your questions in this thread on reddit.

Here are some of its other features.

* Adds support for Zerocoin Mint and Spend operations
* New type of address to anonymously receive coins
* Deterministic private address generated from master private key of the wallet
* Use of GMP for Bignum operations
* Use of threading for Mint and Spend verification
* Witnesser thread for pre-computing of coin witnesses
* Monitoring of public and private coin supply
* Staking with private coins
* Calculation of staking weight based on private coins
* Fees collected from public transactions are accumulated and only earned by public coin stakes
* Stakes using coins from the private pool earn in exclusive accumulated fees from private transactions
* New default data folder: NavCoin5 / navcoin5
* Testnet uses testnet4 to store chain data.
* Old NavTech functionality and references are removed
* GUI-level integrations of private transactions functionality
* Encryption of the obfuscation parameters for encrypted wallets
* New rpc commands:
  * `getprivateaddress`
  * `privatesendtoaddress`
  * `dumpprivateparameters`
* New daemon arguments:
  * `-enablewitnesser`: enables witnesser thread to precompute coin witnesses (default true)
  * `-witnesser_block_snapshot`: count of blocks to snapshot and backup witnesses value
  * `-witnesser_blocks_per_round`: count of checked blocks per witnessing round
* Includes libzerocoin test units