XRP Airdrop 2023 – Evernode XRP airdrop date and how to claim

Evernode has announced airdrop for the XRP holders. There are certain criteria to be met to enroll for this XRP airdrop for 2023.

xrp airdrop 2023

First, you must store the XRP tokens on the Ripple’s mainnet and not on any other blockchain. For instance, many cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance let you store XRP on binance smart chain. So, you must move them to XRP’s official blockchain before the airdrop date.

You can do so by moving coins from third party chain to crypto exchange and then withdrawing them to Ripple’s XRP ledger.

Talking about XRP 2023 airdrop date, Evernode is going to take snapshot on Friday, September 1st 2023 at 6PM AEST.

To claim this airdrop, you must have access to private key of your XRP ledger as the new Evernode sidechain will be making use of same addresses as your current XRP address to drop their tokens, which apparently are called Evers.

Right now, no exchange has announced support for this XRP airdrop so best way to claim airdrop is by holding coins in a wallet where you have access to passphrase or private keys.  

XRP is not doing too well in terms of price action. This is probably due to fact not many are aware of this airdrop. Also, once major exchanges announce support for this airdrop, we may see a huge uptick in price.