Wirex crypto card adds support for Nano

Nano team has announced on their discord channel that Nano coin is now supported by Wirex, a popular crypto card that lets you spend crypto easily. All you have to do is top up your Wirex card with Nano or several other cryptocurrencies and spend your crypto just like any debit card.

wirex nano

Nano can now be seamlessly spent at over 40 million outlets around the world using the Wirex Visa card, creating the fastest decentralized bridge between cryptocurrency and real-world spending. Also acting as a fiat on/off ramp for EUR, GBP and USD , Wirex is the most exciting integration we have worked on so far!

Wirex charges $1.50 a month. That isn’t unreasonable if you use the card a lot. They list waves and XRP but didn’t see nano yet. They really shouldn’t call it a free account if they charge you $18 a year.

They also claim they don’t charge a fee on crypto>fiat conversions which is a bit dodgy because they definitely do and sometimes it can workout at 5%+.

For the people living in US, there is an additional transaction fee for all POS/EPOS transactions – $0.28 per POS/EPOS transaction.