What is Jolt? Where to buy Jolt? How much does Jolt cost?

jolt hardware wallet

Jolt is a new hardware crypto wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. Jolt is fully open source and works with Nano currency, which is a fast and scalable crypto designed for payments. The company behind Jolt will be adding more cryptocurrencies in future.

Jolt has built in USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can use it with your computer as-well-as your smartphone. This means it offers more features than the hardware wallets from Trezor and Ledger.

Please note that the hardware shown above is just a prototype. The company has promised the finished product will be much sleeker. Hardware wallets are always the recommended by us and other cryptocurrency experts for storing your virtual money. It will help prevent you from getting sleepless nights.

Where to buy Jolt? Right now, Jolt has not hit production. To stay updated with latest development, visit joltwallet.com.

What is price of Jolt? Company has not said anything about its price.

Here is a video of Jolt hardware wallet that gives a brief overview about it. You can see that the person in video was able to send Nano from the hardware wallet to phone.

This means Jolt can be used as a standalone device which makes it very interesting. It is not the most convenient way of sending your funds, but it is good to know that it can work without a smartphone or laptop.