will disrupt existing financial status quo: Review coin review is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform which was announced by Chien Lee, a billionaire living in USA and having majority share in French soccer club OGC Nice. He brings his top-tier knowledge of their industries and many are already invested to making a highly successful ICO. Infact, the new ICO is already causing lots of waves in the cryptocurrency world. For instance, there is an option for the investors to buy their own trade tokens and become part of the liquidity pool.

The liquidity pool is a unique concept in the crypto currency world. Under this concept, half of the profits will be given from liquidity pool to participants and paid out on daily basis. So if you own a trade token, 50-percent of the daily revenue or loss will be paid / debited from liquidity pool.

There are total of 500,000,000 (500 million) tokens and no more will be created. The ICO is currently undergoing and for each Ether, you get 200 Trade Tokens. Any unsold tokens will be used during. Any unsold tokens will be burnt after the ICO.

Pre-ICO period = November 7th – November 25th 2017
ICO period = November 28th – December 15th 2017

Here are details of the token:

Token name: TradeToken
Total supply: 500,000,000
Decimals: 18
Crowd funding tokens available: 275,000,000
Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20

trade io review

You can participate using both fiat and ethereum during pre-ICO. After pre-ICO, you will be able to use only Ether to participate.

The’s pioneering peer-to-peer trading platform will totally disrupt the financial markets. This is done by making use of blockchain technologies to distribute wealth. This will also increase the transparency and efficiency in entire financial world.