How to trade Ethereum ERC20 Token on EtherDelta, Decentrex or any decentralized ETH exchange: Trade ERC-20 Token on EtherDelta and Decentrex

trade any ERC20 token on Etherdelta Decentrex

If you want to buy or sell an Ethereum ERC-20 token before it hits any major exchange, it is a good idea to give decentralized crypto currency exchanges like EtherDelta and Decentrex a try. These exchanges are also excellent places to buy or sell a token that you got in an ICO. In this article, we will be explaining how to trade Ethereum ERC20 Token on EtherDelta, Decentrex or any similar decentralized ETH exchange.

Step 1- Find contract address of the ERC-20 token, let’s us say, for instance, BTC LITE which has BTCL as its symbol / ticker.

For that, go to and enter the token name or ticker into text field. You can enter either BTC LITE or BTCL. This very token is yet to get a ticker but it is already being traded on EtherDelta and Decentrex.

btcl token

Step 2 – Create web address.

Now copy the value of contract and paste it in following format.

btcl contract

So the final URL looks like this for etherdelta

Same applies for Decentrex

That is it. You can now trade any ERC20 token before it hits any major exchange. EtherDelta is not bad but it definitely takes some getting used to. There are several tutorials on YouTube on how to use EtherDelta.